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Cherry Rose Sencha Green Tea

Sencha is one of Japan's most popular and beloved teas made with green tea, rose petals and cherries. This tea is very tasty and one of Japanese favorites. You can drink this tea all day it's low in caffeine, deeply relaxing and uplifting, and simply delicious, Cherry Rose Sencha Green tea is a wonderful import from Japan.

Rose tea made from the buds or leaves Rosa gallica has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat menstrual pain. Rose tea helps relaxation, stress reduction, and antidepressant effects and mental benefits, such as to treat dementia and seizures.

Green Tea has proven to be one of the healthiest beverages on earth. A few of the health benefits are.

Green Tea is full of Antioxidants

Green tea has antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation from the body. These green tea antioxidants help the body cells from damage which leads to several chronic illnesses. 

Supports Brain Health

Green tea contains amino acid which is known as L-antenna; it helps to produce a calm effect.  Green tea reduces brain stress and makes protection against a disease called neurodegenerative. Green tea includes compounds which helps to lower the risk of brain stroke and dementia.

Helps in Weight Loss

Green tea is one of the effective ingredients for weight as it improves your metabolism. The fastest the metabolism is, the fastest you will lose weight.

Lower the risk of Cancer

Green tea lowers the risk of cancer in different ways. The green tea
plant protects the uncontrolled growth of cells which lowers the
chances of cancer. The effect of anti-angiogenesis help prevent fat
gain and it also stops the spreading of cancer.

 Boost your Immunity-Green tea antioxidants include antibacterial and antiviral effects that help to boost immunity.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Rose Petals, Natural Flavors