Tea for Acid Reflux

Heartburn and acid reflux can cause a lot of pain and distress. It can also do damage to your throat over time. Pennie Tea offers a heartburn relief blend of tea that’s perfect for people suffering from gerd. Get your tea for acid reflux today!

Is Tea Good for Acid Reflux

There might be some concerns that tea isn’t good for acid reflux. While drinks like coffee make the problem worse, certain teas have the ability to give the drinker relief from gerd. Chamomile is a good example of a tea the reduces stress (stress exacerbates acid reflux) and sooths the throat, reducing the problems caused by heartburn.

Best Tea for Heartburn Relief

The key is to avoid teas with caffeine or acidic elements – these will make the acid reflux worse. As previously mentioned, chamomile is a great option for reducing the effects of acid reflux. Pennie Tea’s chamomile is a blend that specifically focuses on being a great tea for acid reflux.  

Anxiety, stress and mental health issues can also cause difficulty with acid reflux. Stress has been know to make the problems much worse. Chamomile tea helps people relax and reduce stress and anxiety which will also help reduce the pain from acid reflux.

When Should Tea Be Used for Acid Reflux?

The best time to start drinking tea for acid reflux is when the problems start being felt. If you’re starting to feel a burning in the throat or chest, Chamomile tea will hit the spot.

It’s also important to consider drinking chamomile tea before the effects of acid reflux are felt. Whether you’re eating a highly acidic meal or you’re starting to feel overwhelmed with stress, have a mug of chamomile tea to reduce the problem.

Kiss Acid Reflux Goodbye with Pennie Tea’s Chamomile Acid Reflux Tea

Don’t like the effects of acid reflux, heart burn and gerd prevent you from going through your day to day. Try Pennie Tea’s chamomile heart burn formula now!