Tea for Anxiety

Life can be extremely stressful. Between all of your day to day tasks, whether it’s work, school, kids or family, it can be overwhelming. Burnout starts creeping in rather quickly. Thankfully Pennie Teas is here to help with our tea for anxiety!

What Kind of Tea is Good for Anxiety?

There are several different types of teas that can help with reducing stress. Whether it’s chamomile or peppermint tea, there are options that help calm the mind and body and reduce stress. 

At Pennie Teas we have a special peppermint tea that caffeine-free that helps with mental relief. It can also help with better digestion and reduce headaches/body aches that can cause or be caused by higher levels of anxiety.

Why Is Herbal Tea Good for Anxiety?

Herbal teas, like the peppermint tea blind found at Pennie Teas, is a great option to reduce stress because of the increased health benefits, lack of caffeine and refreshing taste. Also, the oils like menthol, menthone and limonene help reduce anxiety and have cooling properties to help relax you. 

What Should I Consider with Tea and Anxiety? 

The biggest thing to consider with tea and anxiety is to recognize the severity of the problem. Teas are used to help relax the senses, reduce stress and calm the body. There are also many help benefits the reduce the aches and pains caused by stress.

However, if the anxiety is severe, it’s important to understand that tea isn’t a cure. Use it as a way to support the body and mind.

Take a Minute with Pennie Tea’s Mental Relief Tea

You can help reduce your day-to-day stress and anxiety with Pennie Tea’s Mental Relief tea. Get yours now!