Tea for Common Cold

If you’re sneezing, coughing and feeling under the weather, where do you turn to comfort you? Some may say chicken soup, but we suggest tea. There are specific teas for the common cold that will help you feel better and reduce symptoms.

Can Tea Help with the Common Cold?

While we won’t say that tea can cure you of a cold – there is no cure after all – we will say that drinking tea can help reduce the symptoms. There are specific blends of tea that help reduce the duration of the cold and limit the symptoms felt.

Which Tea Can Help with Symptoms

Pennie’s Tea offers a cold relief blend made specifically to help with feelings of congestion and cold. With a Echinacea and Multi-relief blend, Pennie’s tea has a tea for your specific severity and symptoms.

Benefits of Drinking Tea with Cold

Teas for the common cold have many benefits such as providing antioxidants and nutrients necessary for reducing symptoms of the cold. It helps reduce congestion, stress and aches that are caused from being sick.

Cold Relief Tea From Pennie Tea Will Help You Get Through Your Sickness

Start feeling better with reduced symptoms when you drink cold relief tea from Pennie’s Tea. Get you teas today!