Tea for Inflammation

Inflammation of the stomach is common with high acidic diets or people who have IBS. It can cause a lot of pain, sudden trips to the bathroom and a hindrance of performing your daily tasks. 

What Is Inflammation of the Stomach?

First, we need to discuss what we mean by inflammation. We’re not talking about swollen joints but inflammation of the stomach. This is an irritation of the stomach lining which is common with acidic foods, alcohol and medications. 

There are teas available through Pennie’s Tea that are specifically brewed to be gentle on upset stomachs and even help soothe the inflamed area to reduce the symptoms.

Can Tea Help with Inflammation?

When people are having stomach issues, tea isn’t always the first thing to comes to mind, however it should be. Tea contains a high amount of antioxidants and vitamin C which help with symptoms of inflammation. They also help soothe the infected area and the mind. Stress can help contribute to IBS, inflammation and bloating so it’s an important part of helping reduce symptoms. 

Are There Specific Teas for Inflammation to Consider?

If you’re looking for a tea to help with inflammation, consider basil, ginger, turmeric, fennel or rose hip. These are all options with Pennie’s Tea swelling blend. These types of teas are high in vitamin C and are soothing on the stomach.

Pennie Has the Best Tea for Inflammation

An upset stomach can ruin your entire day, but you can put a stop to it now. Try Pennie’s tea for inflammation, the swelling relief blend.