Tea for Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency is an extremely serious but common concern that many people go through. It may feel like fatigue or being out of shape, but it could be a lack of oxygen to your organs. Our tea for iron deficiency is iron rich and can help with your anemia. 

What is Iron Deficiency and How Does it Affect Your Body?

Iron deficiency, otherwise known as anemia, is when your blood lacks adequate health red blood cells. This means that there are less cells to carry oxygen to your organ and tissue. This can be a very serious complication.

There are several symptoms to be looking out for such as fatigue, shortness of breath, pale skin, chest pain and coldness of hands/feet. It’s also extremely serious with pregnant women because it puts the baby at risk.

Are There Teas That Provide More Iron

What Does iron deficiency have to do with tea? There are a couple of types of tea that are rich in iron that can give your cells what they need to function correctly. Nettle and peppermint are 2 great, iron rich options that help with anemia.

Try Our Tea for Iron Deficiency Today

Pennie’s Tea offers an anemia blend that’s the perfect tea for iron defiance. Try out nettle or peppermint anemia blend options today.