Tea to Bring on Labor

Getting pregnant and having a child is the most exciting moment of many people’s lives. It’s absolutely beautiful. However, there are some things people don’t talk about: nausea, stomach pain, heartburn, diet restriction and joint pains. It’s not so bad though, especially if you start drinking tea for pregnancy.

What Are Teas for Pregnancy?

The first thing you might be thinking is, “what are teas for pregnancy”. It’s probably not something you considered, but there are some teas that are great to drink as a pregnancy mother and some teas you need to avoid. Avoid anything high in caffeine because it’s not safe for the baby. Teas that help with bloating and inflammation are great since those are very common for pregnancy mothers.

What Are Teas for Labor?

Beyond just teas for pregnancy are teas for labor. There are studies that show there some teas that help with inducing labor. Raspberry tea is a great example of a tea that doesn’t just induce labor but helps with boosting milk production after the baby is born. Pennie’s Tea offers a labor blend of tea that’s perfect for pregnant mothers.

Get Ready for Your New Baby with Our Tea for Being in Labor

Our raspberry labor blend is the perfect tea for labor. Get yours today and get ready to welcome your new baby to the world.