4 Best Teas for Anxiety and Mental Relief Teas

Eric Niewinski

Best Teas for Anxiety and Mental Relief Teas

We’ve all been there, crazy busy and stressed.

Craving a good cup of tea but not needing to add to our caffeine intake.

The anxiety is building and we don’t know what to do.

Luckily, there are a wide variety of teas that don’t contain caffeine. In fact, there are many different, delicious types of tea that are helpful in easing anxiety.

There are just as many to choose from as in any normal tea selection.

The majority of these teas are herbal or green teas, all very light in caffeine. Besides their perfect lack of caffeine, these teas have unique flavors and interesting options from all over the world.

From Matchat to Mint, there are tons are of varied flavor profiles.

With many new flavors to try, what is stopping you!

So sit back, go grab your favorite mug and find a new, stress relieving tea right here.

Mint Tea

This tea is a classic one for helping deal with anxiety.

Mint is a herb that can be used for all sorts of things. But it is particularly known for its sharp, delicious flavor.

It can also calm down a nervous stomach. Mint teas have been used for centuries to help deal with all sorts of ailments.

Many of the things this tea helped and helps with, indigestion, bad sleep, and focus are all fairly common symptoms of anxiety.

As stated previously, mint has been used for a long time to help calm down nerves and settle anxieties.

But what about its intense flavor? Unlike more modern minty flavors, mint tea is very light.

So if you are the type of person who hates the taste of toothpaste, don’t worry! Mint tea might still be a great option for you.

So, with its helpful properties this tea is a great option if you want tea to help with your anxiety.

It also has a refreshing taste, with a bright flavor that is great both hot and cold. No matter how intense or lightly you brew it, it will always be a special drink that packs a helpful punch.

It is also perfect for any time of day, as this is one of the many tea options here that has no caffeine.

Chamomile Tea

Another well loved, anti-anxiety tea and for good reason!

This is another one of those teas that has been around for years, because it works. 

Chamomile tea is a delicious tea that is perfect for calming your anxiety. It is known to help with sleep and nausea, but overall it has major anti-inflammatory effects.

Because of all of its wonderful properties, it’s the perfect tea for those particularly stressful times.

This tea has a unique flavor, sweet and light, with a hint of floral flavors and apple. So, naturally it is delicious.

Because of the nature of herbal teas, it still has a great flavor; whether it’s cold or hot.

It’s the perfect tea after a long, stressful day to help you soothe yourself and get ready for a long night of rest.

Because, since it is an herbal tea, it has no caffeine.

Lavender Tea

Who doesn’t love the sweet scent and color of lavender in the spring?

Well, did you also know it can be turned into a delicious tea! It can. The flavor of the tea is light and herbal, with floral hints and some say it tastes a bit like rosemary.

A flavor profile unlike another other tea I have had before. Additionally, when brewed well, this tea also has a beautiful purple color that rivals its beloved scent.

While lavender is a scent known for its calm effects, it makes sense that the tea itself would also have anti-anxiety properties.

Lavender tea helps to balance moods and give you a deeper, better sleep. Like all the other wonderful teas here, this tea also has no caffeine which improves its stress-free properties.

Matcha Green Tea

One of my new favorite teas to help me on overwhelming days has actually been matcha.

Matcha tea has been around for centuries in Japan, where it is part of the all important tea ceremony.

In fact it is the center of that ceremony. But now, this tea is loved all over the world for its many healthy properties.

One of these helpful properties is anti-anxiety effects. An amino acid in the green tea leaves is actually the cause of its anxiety reducing effects.

But aside from all its wonderful effects, this tea is loved for its taste. It has a unique taste profile for a tea.

It is very vegetative, almost earthy in taste with an almost savory aftertaste. It’s unique flavor makes it the perfect option for those who don’t really love a sweet treat.

The perfect healthy option for those who like something even stronger than tea for their evening drink.

There is one downside to this tea, that unlike many of the other teas we have seen so far, this one does contain some caffeine.

However, the amount of caffeine in this green tea is significantly lower than any black tea or coffee. So its anxiety relieving properties are still extremely effective.

On Last Note

Overall, these teas are all great options if you're looking for a natural way to reduce normal anxiety and stress.

Of course, if you are dealing with more intense levels of anxiety, please seek further help. The natural resource that tea can provide is amazing.

What a wonderful planet we are living on! But even so, even though all of these teas have some crazy cool properties, there are limits.

So if your symptoms are getting severe, please seek trained medical care.

We hope you enjoy some new delicious teas, and their anti-anxiety abilities. This is only the tip of the iceberg, there are many more wonderful herbal teas out there.

So explore! Find new teas and new favorites to add to your collection. The world of teas is wide, and much to be explored waits for you.