Understanding the Different Types of Tea

Andy Misek

Different Types of Tea

There are many benefits to drinking tea. Whether it’s to help with sleep, bloating or even reduce headaches. However, there are many different types of tea that have specific benefits. Below, you can read about all the tea types available and what they could do for you.

Loose-Leaf Tea vs Tea Bags

Before we get into the different types of teas, we need to discuss the forms of tea that are available. These are loose-leaf tea and tea bags. Tea bags are pre-packaged bags that you put into warm water. Loose-leaf teas use the dried leaves of the plant. 

Green Tea

First, we’ll start off with green tea. Green tea is made with the leaves of the Camellia sinesis plant and is not oxidized. Some say that avoiding the oxidation process increases the amount of antioxidants in green tea, but more studies are needed to be certain. There are many benefits to green tea which include helping with headaches, lowering cholesterol and even lower the risk of getting a stroke. 

Black Tea

Black tea, similar to green tea comes from a type of the Camellia sinesis plant -  the Camellia sinesis assamica. This is a much larger leafed variant and is used to make black tea. Black tea can help with heart health, digestive health  and lowers blood sugar. Black tea is more malty and has a rich aroma compared to green tea. 

Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are made a little differently than the green and black teas mentioned above. It’s made by infusing herbs, spices and other plant material in hot water. Herbal tea can taste link whatever is infused in the hot water, but typically has a more Earthy taste. Herbal tea can help with the common cold, sinuses, stomach issues and relieving stress. They’re also typically sugar free.

Detox Tea

Detox teas are teas that remove toxins from the body. They have ingredients like oolong, ginger and peppermint which help make your body feel better and taste great. There are many different tastes fo detox teas depending on what’s included. In addition to removing toxins, it helps with weight loss, digestion and immune system. It can also improve your mood. 

Functional Tea

Functional teas aren’t necessarily a type of tea that’s made a specific way or has a specific flavor. They’re actually just a classification of tea given to teas with health benefits. Green, black and herbal teas all have health benefits and can fall under functional teas. There are different teas that help with a wide array of problems such as stomach issues, colds, body pains and moods. There are even teas that help with inducing pregnancy. You can find the right tea for you using Pennie’s Tea filter for what tea is right for you.

Try the Tea of Your Choice at Pennie’s Tea

There are many different types of tea available that offer a wide array of benefits. Hopefully, our guide helps you determine what tea is right for you. At Pennie’s Tea, we offer all of the teas mentioned above. Whether you’re having a health problem you’d like to address, looking for something healthy, or just want something tasty to drink, we have the right tea for you. Get your perfect tea today!