5 Best Loose Leaf Teas

Eric Niewinski

5 Best Loose Leaf Teas

Anyone who is familiar with tea has seen and used tea bags, or just gotten tea from a tap.

Some might have used tea infusers. However, a lesser used, and much loved way to brew a good cup is through brewing loose leaf tea.

This is where the tea leaves are directly placed in the cup or kettle, to be boiled in water or have the water poured over them.

This is a type of brewing much loved by tea officidandos and it is said to produce a better drink.

So what teas should you start loose leaf brewing with? Below are several of the most popular suggestions. So get out there and try this traditional method of tea brewing today.

Earl Grey Tea

This is a delicious classic tea. A strong black tea, with many subtle flavors, this is a great tea to start out with.

Typically, this tea is flavored with the oil of bergamot. It also has some tasty hints of vanilla, along with tart, citrusy flavors.

The powerful flavors of this tea make it the perfect candidate for loose leaf brewing, where all the layers of flavors can be carefully extracted.

While Early Grey tea has a typical flavor profile, there are many different blends to try and every batch of tea has individual character.

This is a great option if you are looking to try loose leaf tea and like a traditional tea flavor.

Darjeeling Black Tea

If you are looking for a lesser known, but elegant black tea flavor, Darjeeling might be for you!

Often called the champagne of teas, this tea is very valuable and sought after because of its unique flavor profile.

It is lighter than the majority of black teas, but still has the rich flavor this variety of tea is known for. Darjeeling is a powerful tea, with musky notes that are common in black teas and fruity, floral notes that are less common.

This is considered one of the best teas in the world and a great tea experience.

So if you are a seasoned professional when it comes to teas, this might be a new one for you. With its unique flavors, high level of value and its cost, this tea is perfect for loose leaf tea.

Because when you are brewing loose leaf tea, you can use the same leaves for multiple brewings, to get the most out of the leaves.

With Darjeeling tea, you won’t want to miss out on any opportunity to experience this delicious tea’s many flavors!

Herbal Teas

Are you a person who likes the idea of tea, but an intense or even bitter black tea flavor just isn’t for you?

Herbal teas might be a great option for you. These are teas that use plants that aren’t actually tea leaves to make “teas.”

Common flavors are things like mint, chamomile, raspberry leaf and hibiscus teas. With the wide variety of flavor options, you can find all sorts of herbal teas in any grocery store near you.

Some of these teas are sweet, strong and floral, some are more subtle, and light. But no matter what sort of herbal tea you find you like, there will be one out there for you.

Another great reason to go for brewing herbal teas is that many of these herbal teas have health benefits.

From chamomile to helping with anxiety and sleep, to raspberry leaf helping with pregnancy labor, there are herbal teas that can strengthen health in all facets of life.

They are also all great drunken cold or hot. So if you are a little nervous about getting into teas, see if you can find an herbal tea you love.

Also look for those teas that will give you health benefits you are looking for. The sky is the limit when it comes to options in the herbal tea realm!

Green Tea

This is a traditional tea flavor that is loved all over the world, but has been used for centuries in Asia.

With a bittersweet (bitter if brewed to long) flavor that has earthy, and floral notes, green tea isn’t for everyone. But once you learn to love it, the taste is amazing.

What is also amazing about green tea is all the the healthy benefits that come with drinking this tea. With leaves full of antioxidants, a fresh cup of this tea can improve your overall health.

Specifically, this tea is linked to improvements in brain function and fat loss. But no matter what your goals, a refreshing cup of this tea is a great addition to any daily routine.

When brewing Green tea, be careful to brew it with less hot water and for a shorter amount of time than black tea.

If this tea is brewed to long, it can get bitter. But don’t get to stressed, because you can brew loose leaf tea several times, you have several chances to get it right.

So if black tea is too strong and herbal teas are too sweet, green tea is a great option for you!

White Tea

Finally, one of the leser known teas, a hidden secret of the tea world, White tea. This is a very delicate tea blend, similar to green tea but much lighter in flavor.

It is very subtle and delicate, but when brewed well, it has honey-like notes and some earthy, herbal taste.

Because it has a light tea flavor, it often comes in all sorts of fruity or floral blends. This is a harder tea to find, simply because it isn’t as well known or common as green or black tea.

But the hunt for this tea is worth it because of the flavor. A great tea for you tea tasting bucket list, and maybe something you’ll want to add to the typical tea rotation.

White tea is sure to be a crowd pleaser. This tea should be brewed for a short time with water that is under a boiling temperature.