5 Best Teas For Sleep - Encourage A Good Night's Rest

Eric Niewinski

5 Best Teas for Sleep

Everyone has those nights where you just can’t sleep. Stress, insomnia, racing mind and so many more keep people up at night.

What do you do in those moments? Those dark hours where you can’t sleep? For some people, sleep seems so easy.

But it isn’t really that easy, and sometimes it feels like there is no solution. But there are some surprising things to improve your awful sleep.

And that  surprising answer is actually tea.

Many people know that some teas help with anxiety, but many teas actually improve sleep.

So whenever you are having one of those rough nights, grab one of these delicious teas and drift off to dreamland.

Chamomile Tea

This is a classic tea to end a long day with, and it has been popular among tea drinkers for a reason.

It is a wonderful calming agent that, along with making you sleepy, can improve indigestion and nausea.

Once you start drinking chamomile tea in your evening, you have around thirty minutes to start winding down. So it is a powerful, fast sleep solution or helpful as part of a calming ritual before bed.

Besides its effects, chamomile is also very tasty. It has a floral, mellow and sometimes earthy profile that make it a very grounding drink.

Some have described the flavor as apple-ish with maybe a touch of honey. All of these natural flavors contribute to the calming experience this drink can provide.

Valerian Root Tea

A lesser known, but just as effective sleep tea is Valerian Root tea.

It has relaxing, almost sedative like qualities that make it perfect for those rough nights when sleep feels out of the question.

But it is powerful, and its sedative effect is potent. For best effects, this tea should be drunk for about thirty minutes up to two hours before you plan on going to sleep.

It may also take a couple days for your body to start reacting to it. But it is one of the most powerful and highly recommended teas on this list. Sometimes good things are worth waiting for.

One good thing you won’t have to wait on is the taste of Valerian Root tea. It has a woody, earthy and almost savory taste.

If you have more of a sweet tooth, honey is a great addition. Just a touch of sweetness will make this your favorite new drink, with a surprising flavor that packs a punch.

Lemon Balm Tea

A sweet plant, actually related to the mint family, but that gives you a touch of citrus to your tea. Lemon balm is a great tea to drink if you want to improve your sleep. It has actually been used for centuries for that purpose.

Even back in the medieval ages, they knew a good sleep aid when they saw one (or tasted it). Lemon balm helps reduce stress and slow down breathing, leading to its drowsy effect.

So, it should be enjoyed about thirty minutes to an hour before bed, so be sure to include it in a bedtime routine.

Along with its wonderful, soothing nature, lemon balm is also known for its taste. As in the name, it does have a lemon/citrusy flavor.

But it also has a minty edge. Because of its refreshing flavors, it makes a perfect evening tea for the summer time. It can be enjoyed hot or cold, no matter the season.

Lavender Tea

Lavender is a beloved flower all over the world, but did you know it can be made into a delicious tea too?

It can be. Like lavender scents and oils, lavender tea is regarded as an excellent sleep aid.

It has powerful calming tea that relieves stress and soothes anxiety. Making it a surprising, perfect evening tea. Enjoy it while you diffuse lavender oil for a lavender themed bedtime routine.

While the lavender scent is well known and amazing, does the flavor compare? It actually has an impressive, surprising flavor.

It has a very distinctive taste with some very herbal hints, like rosemary and mint.

But naturally, it has some strong floral notes and is often combined with more fruity flavors. No matter what type of other ingredients it is combined with. Lavender tea is delicious and effective.

Passionflower Tea

This is another one of those hidden gems that can help improve your sleep. Passionflower tea is a wonderful tea full of natural amino acids that help calm you by relaxing your nervous system.

This slowing down of the nervous system helps your body relax and even helps with pain relief. But its biggest effect is improving your overall sleep.

It has a strong sedative effect, so you will start to feel sleepy soon after you start drinking.

Besides its ability to make you sleep, this tea also has a unique flavor. It is mild, and takes nothing like the flower smells. It is floral and slightly earthy, but it has very little flavor.

But adding some honey makes this a perfect, simple evening drink if intense tea flavors aren’t for you.

Choosing a Tea that Fits You Best

So there you have it, five new options for a sleepy tea to add to your evening routine for a great night’s sleep.

Each of these teas has powerful calming agents, along with a variety of tastes to help give you a night you deserve. And if one of these teas isn’t for you, you have four more options!

Even though one tea may be delicious, it may not be for you.

Now, all of these teas are powerful sleep aids. But they are just that, aids.

If you are having a real medical issue, please consult a medical professional. That said, don’t disregard these teas.

They are extremely helpful on those nights when sleep seems impossible. They are all aslo very tasty, with unique flavor profiles that will surprise you.

So find a new favorite night time tea, and start drinking. Who knew a little cup could do so much?!

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