Do Detox Teas Work?

Eric Niewinski

Do Detox Teas Work?

So, you're feeling a little bit sluggish.

You don't quite have your usual energy and those last few pounds just won’t go away.

You do your best to make healthy choices every day, but somehow your metabolism seems to have stalled.

Can a detox tea do the trick to give your body a boost and get things working more like they should?

Detox tea has many can help purify your blood, improve digestion, and boost that sluggish metabolism to help you lose weight.

And the tasty blend of flavors like peppermint, ginger, and chamomile can't be beat.

Not to mention, taking a break with a hot cup of detox tea offers you a relaxing escape from the pressures of daily life that will help you sleep better.

But how do detox teas work? And, are the benefits they claim too good to be true?

The Healing Components of Detox Tea

Toxins are everywhere.

No matter how many positive choices you make about the foods you eat and the beverages you drink, these contaminants cannot be escaped.

They are in the air you breathe, the water you drink, and even in some seemingly healthy foods you eat.

Don’t despair. Keep making those positive choices.

And add detox tea to your routine. You’ll soon find that you look and feel so much better.

With so many detox tea choices, where do you begin? What should you look for?

A quality detox tea will most likely contain some of these ingredients:

  • Ginger: Ginger has been used as a natural healing remedy for centuries. One of its most common benefits is in aiding digestion—it speeds up the digestive process and moves those unwanted toxins along. With powerful anti-inflammatory properties and compounds that keep your blood sugar stable, ginger can also help you ditch those unwanted pounds.
  • Dandelion Root: This mineral-rich diuretic is tasty and effective on its own. But, it’s even better when combined with these other healing herbs. Dandelion root is especially beneficial to the liver. And, the liver is especially important for your health. Not only does the liver handle any toxin that enters your body, but a healthy liver will also boost your metabolism.
  • Peppermint: While this minty leaf is helpful for digestion, the flavor it brings is an added bonus. It is loaded with antioxidants too. Peppermint is very effective at fighting headaches, which tend to happen when you start a detox program. Peppermint also has a relaxing effect on smooth muscles and blood vessels. Your circulatory system will be better equipped to haul those toxins out of your body.
  • Senna Leaves: What detox would be complete without a little attention to your intestines? Senna is approved by the FDA as a natural, nonprescription laxative. Drinking tea with senna will help your body flush out toxins and built-up waste while its antiparasitic properties follow up with a good cleanse.

Read the label and take your time when shopping for a detox tea.

Even though a less expensive version may list some similar ingredients, it isn’t necessarily a helpful product.

The FDA does not regulate homeopathic remedies. It is very important to purchase your tea from a reputable company.

The temporary weight loss from a tea that is overly heavy in diuretics or laxatives is not a true detox, and it can lead to health issues later.

Look for a tea with high-quality ingredients that will provide you with the valuable minerals and nutrients your body needs.

The goal of a good detox is to help your body function more efficiently and get rid of toxins, not just fluids.

The Many Benefits of Detox Tea

So how do these healing components work together for your benefit? And when will you see some results?

  • Blood is the vehicle that transports nutrients and oxygen to our cells as well as the ticket out for that toxic sludge. Detox tea gives your kidneys what they need to cleanse your blood and get rid of toxic waste more efficiently. Not only that, but detox tea can help increase the production of red blood cells to make things work even better.
  • Several of the ingredients in detox tea have a mild laxative effect. This gentle and natural colon cleanse will get rid of the buildup and waste that is weighing you down. You'll feel lighter and your digestive system will work better.
  • A healthy body with fewer toxins will just work better. You’ll have more energy during the day and you’ll sleep better at night. And a good night’s sleep is absolutely vital for any weight loss program.
  • Flushing out these toxins will do more for your appearance than just making you look better in your new jeans. You’ll quickly notice that you have a brighter, more youthful complexion. And, those annoying breakouts will clear up.
  • As we mentioned before, the herbs in a good detox tea will help your kidneys work more efficiently. Not only does this help with purifying your blood. Your kidneys will work better to flush out salts and other toxins that lead to unwanted water weight.
  • Even if you avoid alcohol, your liver is a busy organ. Medications, preservatives in food, and even toxins in the air we breathe can clog your liver. And, at any given time, 25% of the blood in your body is coursing through your liver getting cleaned up. After a good detox takes some stress off your liver, it will work better. And a healthy liver means a healthy metabolism.

How to Make Detox Tea Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

It is recommended that you start by drinking one cup of detox tea per day.

Morning is a good time because you can kind of "wake up" your digestive system.

Though, some people swear by a cup of detox tea before bed. Whichever time you choose, consistency is the key.

To get the most benefit from a detox tea, make it part of a healthy lifestyle. There is no such thing as a quick fix.

A healthy diet, regular exercise, and a consistent sleep schedule all factor into the equation.

A high-quality option like Pennie’s Detox Tea will help you shed some pounds quickly and keep them off long term.

This herbal and minty blend comes with a diet and exercise plan to get you on your way to feeling better and losing up to ten pounds in the first week.

What better day than today to become a healthier you?